LA Moving Company is not only a builder of new commercial buildings or spaces, extensions and conversions at every stage of the process from the design and planning to the final Interior finishing, we keep in mind the emotional and practical priorities of the people who will be living in them, Our customer approach has been our success.

At your request, one of our experienced design consultants will visit you in your home to discuss, what you like and don’t like and how we can best achieve your ideas. we will then use our expertise to advise you on the ideal materials to use,the best layout to utilize all space, and talk over with you many other ideas and aspects of design that you may not have initially considered. Every room design, is carefully considered so that you enjoy maximum comfort and optimum space and storage.


LA Moving Company Interior designs provides a complete personal service in California, United States for all hand-made joinery projects, from conservatories to bespoke furniture. We work closely with our team of Architects, Interior Designers, Surveyors, with a total commitment to exceeding client expectations. Our attention to detail is of paramount importance at all stages, from design and manufacture, through to installation.

Our furniture is made to exact specifications and completed to your personal choice of colour.

We are also provide solutions for flooring and work surfaces, from terracotta to stone and wood, with work surfaces from marble, granite and stainless steel.

We take a very proactive attitude towards our precious and delicate environment, and therefore all the timber we use comes from sustainable, managed forests.


Fitted kitchens are entirely handmade, with skilled dedicated craftsmen looking after each project from start to finish and work closely with you from design through to completed installation.

A kitchen would not be a kitchen without the finishing touches and we are therefore able to supply countless options to compliment the furniture. For example granite, timber and Corian work surfaces, through to specialist appliances from market leading manufacturers.

Our painted furniture is installed with a protective base coat applied prior to leaving our workshop. This is then hand finished after installation with a range of colors and special finished as required. Polished timber furniture is pre-finished with durable stains and lacquers prior to installation.



Partition is designed with practicality being a priority. Wardrobes are generally overflowing, and with this in mind we strive to utilize every conceivable space, whilst still maintaining elegance and beauty. Our wardrobes can be designed to incorporate all manner of requirements, including security safes, televisions and a many of other essential accessories.

Children’s bedroom requirements vary enormously, from the youngest of children requiring little more than storage for their modest wardrobe, to the most fashion conscious of teenagers with their varying needs, from a computer or a play station and music collection for just to give home feel at work place.

Bespoke Building and Joinery Items

Our expertise extends beyond the commercial look to include studies, boardrooms, wall panelling and even the odd bar here and there! We are also able to offer a complete range of additional joinery items, from internal and external doors, traditionally constructed windows and conservatories, to gazebos and architectural trellis work, enhancing the outside of your home in harmony with the inside.