Home Information Pack – HIP

Since 14 December 2007 every home put on the market, no matter what size, must have a Home Information Pack. It brings together valuable information at the start of the process – such as a sale statement, local searches and evidence of title – which could save you money, time and stress. The Pack also includes an Energy Performance Certificate that contains advice on how to cut CO2 emissions and fuel bills.


Benefits for Sellers

For sellers, providing a Pack upfront should reduce the likelihood of any nasty surprises in the selling process that could delay the sale, as buyers will be able to make more informed decisions about purchasing their home.

Benefits for buyers

For buyers, the Pack provides essential information about properties they are considering buying, free of charge.

LA Moving Company provides a one-stop shop for the supply of searches and home information packs anywhere in United States to property professionals at a very reasonable price.

Since the introduction of Home Information Packs by the government LA Moving Company has moved into the world of the Hip Provider. We supply the full Home Information Pack or any combination of the elements that make up the Hip for inclusion in your own pack.



Please Choose one of the 7 options below, and contact by telephone or e-mail

1   Any size Freehold property with Energy Certificate and all other required documents $300.00
2 Any size leasehold property with Energy Certificate and all other required documents $338.50
3 Any size Freehold property no EPC $190.00
4 Any size leasehold property no EPC $230.00
5 For unregistered land there is an additional charge of $75.00 $75.00
6 For any other special request please call us $75

Please contact us on 1 (800) 434 0444 or info@mallforms.com, for other services and packages.